Chocolate Wedding Cakes

For all you chocoholics out there what better reason to indulge in pure heaven on what is referred to as the best day of your life?

Our handpicked suppliers will be able to provide you with some of the best bespoke chocolate wedding cakes.

Whether it’s simply chocolate you are after, or something with a twist, they will be able to fulfil all your chocolate wedding cake needs.

Adapt chocolate wedding cakes by choosing different quantities of white, milk or dark chocolate to create a delectable delight.

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More people are choosing chocolate wedding cakes as they are conscious that fruit cake is not often a preference enjoyed by all, whereas chocolate seems to be a No.1 choice. Also, extremely good as chocolate wedding cakes tend to cost less than fruit cake, unless you opt for a high cocoa content.

There are many different types of chocolate available and used by wedding cake suppliers. The richness of chocolate wedding cakes will depend on the content and quality of the cocoa in your chocolate wedding cake.

Useful tips if you are considering a chocolate wedding cake. Dark chocolate has no milk solids, therefore is normally very dark in colour and rich in taste. Bittersweet chocolate has a bitter flavour, hence the name and normally has more flavour than dark. Having a milk chocolate wedding cake will mean that it is sweet and light in colour. Combining milk and white together is very complimentary as white chocolate normally has a vanilla undertone. Couverture chocolate is popular when making chocolate wedding cakes as it is very good for tempering and enrobing.